Children & Youth

Plentylife Kids

Children are valued members of our church family with an important part to play in our life together. Our Childrens and Families minister, Anne Fairweather, is providing family based resources and online activities for children to continue to grow in their faith during the COVID19 restrictions. This includes a Storytime that is held every Wednesday a 4pm on Zoom. Contact Anne if you would like further information about Plentylife Kids.

Plentylife Youth

Plentylife Youth is our youth group for all those in secondary school.

With the guidelines and restrictions around gatherings changing daily due to the COVID19 pandemic, we are constantly needing to revise the ways in which we connect with each other. Consequently, our Plentylife Youth in-person program has been cancelled for the remainder of this term. BUT we are busy brainstorming ways that we can be innovative and create some online connections for our youth. Please get in touch with Craig if you would like to discuss this, or any of your concerns, further. You can also stay up-to-date by following our Plentylife Youth Facebook Page.


Child Safety At Plentylife

Plentylife is committed to the safety and wellbeing of every young person.

As a Christian community, meeting together to worship God in the name of Jesus Christ, we affirm our commitment to the safety of each child and young person who interacts with our community. God’s word makes it clear that all people are created equal and that any position of power is to be accepted humbly and with the intent of serving others, never to harm them.

Our faith motivates us to love everyone and never to discriminate against anyone, especially on the basis of age, race, gender, language, sexual orientation, disability or family/social background. Therefore, we seek to protect the safety of all young people without exception. We want our church to be a place where young people can come to know and experience the love of Jesus and his followers.

View our Child Safe Policy here.

If you would like to view information around the Diocese’s Electronic Communications Conduct which is also Plentylife’s policy on safe and wise use of electronic platforms of communication, please see pages 16-20 in the Diocese’s Code of Conduct.

Got a concern about Child Safety at our church? Here’s what to do:

In the event that the Senior Minister is involved in illegal activity the police must also be notified.

Working with children check (WWCC) and Police Check

Church members follow these steps for updating or registering for a Working with children check (WWCC):

Click here to Register for a new WWCC.

Then click the Apply for Check’ button and follow the instructions.

After completing the form and providing the required proof of identity and photograph, applications must be lodged at a Victorian Post Office.

Under ‘Organisations,’ please list:

Plentylife Anglican Church
14 Francesca Dve
Phone: 0430 505 593

Anglican Diocese of Melbourne – St Matthias (Plentylife), Mernda
209 Flinders Lane
Phone: 03 9653 4220

Kooyoora Office of Professional Standards for the Diocese of Melbourne
PO Box 329
03 9416 1008

Under ‘Occupational work code,’ please select:

64 Religious organisations

Note that the WWCC is free for volunteers.

Click here to Update or Renew your WWCC to be registered with PlentyLife:

  • Click the “I want to register” button
  • You’ll be asked for some details to confirm who you are
  • You’ll get an email to confirm you’re real, follow the link in that email
  • Login with your email and password
  • Select “Change my details”.
  • Scroll down and add PlentyLife as an organisation.

PlentyLife will be posted a copy of your WWCC once it has been approved. This copy will be put on confidential file for record keeping.

Police Checks

Please email the church office or ask Anne or Craig for a copy of the Police Check Form.

  • Each Police Check Form must be signed by the church office.
  • A minister is eligible to certify the documents and witness the signature of the applicant.
  • The church office will post and pay for each police check.

Kooyoora Ltd has been appointed by the Melbourne Diocese to respond to all complaints of misconduct including sexual, physical, spiritual or emotional abuse by clergy or Church officers. Kooyoora Ltd is an independent Professional Standards company which undertakes Professional Standards work for not for profit charitable entities.

The first step in making a complaint is to call the recorded information line at any time on: 1800 135 246

All information provided to this service is strictly confidential. The person taking a message on this number will ask you to give a name and your phone number or address so that the Director can contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can write to the Director:

Director of Professional Standards
Kooyoora Ltd
PO Box 329
Canterbury VIC 3126