Missional Communities

Missional Communities

Most of our gatherings happen throughout the week in a network of groups that we call missional communities. They’re a bit like an extended family, and provide a great space to do life together, explore what it might mean to be a follower of Jesus, share our faith journeys and make a difference to our local communities.

Our missional communities are all different and they each have a particular vision for serving the wider community.

Here are our current groups:


Helping families live in a healthy balance between work, rest and play as they follow in the ways of Jesus.


Being good news to the elderly by bringing church to local nursing homes.


Building family relationships through having fun together.

Love Thy Neighbour

Making disciples of Jesus by extending our hands in service and friendship to those in Mernda & Doreen – seeking to meet their practical and spiritual needs.


Connecting with the Mill Park Community.


Showing hospitality to asylum seekers, refugees and those looking for belonging through monthly luncheons.


Building family with wisdom and love in Whittlesea and beyond.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about joining a missional community.